Ante/post natal training & Pilates


Having a baby is life-changing in many ways but most of all your body goes through many changes as it prepares for birth.

Ante/post-natal exercises are tailored specifically for each pregnant woman through their three trimesters of pregnancy, offering them the confidence to continue participating in sport and exercise in a safe manner while pregnant.

Benefits of exercising whilst pregnant:
– Stress/anxiety relief
– Help maintain a healthy weight gain
– Build stamina (for labour!)
– Keep muscles strong and toned
– Improve tone and strength of Pelvic floor to assist in labour
– Decrease back pain, constipation, leg cramps, varicose veins and many other pregnancy related complaints
– Increase bone density
– Prevent wear and tear on joints by increasing the joint fluid
– Lowering the resting heart rate and maintain it on a healthy rate
– Improve posture
– Improve strength in legs and upper body to support you as pregnancy progresses.

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Post natal period

Exercising after pregnancy helps the body to recover quicker and can help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles after the birth, aid good posture for breast feeding and carrying the baby, recover the stretched abdominal muscles and help reduce the risk of baby blues.

Stomach exercises are not recommended at this time due to a Diastatis Recti or “separated six-pack” which can happen if the stretched abdominal muscles haven’t yet came back together. Every new mother should wait till she has a gap of 2 fingers or less in between both parts of Rectus Abdominis muscle before doing any sit ups.

The pelvic floor muscles are frequently weakened by pregnancy and childbirth and they require special attention during and after this time.


“Karmen is the best trainer I have ever worked with. From pregnancy Pilates through to the excruciating but result-obtaining boot camp my husband does with her, her expertise are unmistakable. Karmen is a true pro in her field and a pleasure to be around!” Julia, managing director

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