Back pain management


Back pain is a very common condition in the UK with a recent survey showing almost half of the adult population reporting low back pain lasting for at least 24 hours at some time in the last year. Some of the most common factors of low back pain are poor body mechanics, how person sits, stands, walks, sleeps, lifts and exercises, as well as performing activities of daily living, and postural imbalances such as excessive lordosis, kyphosis, and scoliosis.

Back pain management training is a unique designed programme tailored to individual’s needs and nature of the pain. Through a postural and flexibility assessment, and functional movement screen every client gets an individually-tailored program.


“I chose Karmen to be my personal trainer as I knew she had a experience of dealing with back problems and following a slipped disc and rehab, I wanted to get fit again. Due to the nature of my injury, Karmen has to be quite creative and regularly assesses whether the exercises are right for my back but also help me achieve my fitness goals. This is very important to me and I trust her knowledge, her experience and her ability to ensure I won’t injure myself further. If you ask for a tougher session, be assured you will get it and get results!” Claire, Communications Adviser

“I started Pilates because of a lower back/disc injury. Karmen is a great technician and attentive to form. I consistently feel better after taking her class, and I am now hooked on reformer Pilates. Brilliant instructor! Highly recommended!” Phil

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