Eat breakfast for a healthier, leaner and happier you!

Hello to all my followers! I haven’t been blogging much recently as I’ve been pretty busy with teaching classes, personal training and setting up my new website that will (fingers crossed) go on-line in a couple of weeks! 🙂 Healthy breakfast

I woke up into a very windy morning, had a shower to warm myself up, went through my today’s clients programmes and prepared myself a healthy and delicious breakfast, two poached eggs with leftover vegetables and some nuts on a side. How was your morning and what did you have for your brekkie today?

You must have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it helps you to stay focused and energized. You might also know that the key to a successful fat loss is a combination of regular exercises and healthy eating? Healthy eating doesn’t mean starving or dieting, it means eating balanced amount of the right foods at the right times.

Has it ever happened to you that sometimes you felt hungry straight after the breakfast, or craving sugary foods even before the lunch? It might be the combination of the foods you’ve eaten for breakfast. If you start the day with high sugary cereals, white bread, doughnut or coffee with 2 table spoons of sugar inside, your insulin level drops beyond the healthy level and as a result you start craving sugar, feeling dizzy, sleepy and experience mood swings soon after the meal. What will happen next? Probably you’re going to drink another coffee with sugar or eat small chocolate bar for a quick energy and mood fix, and you’ll be on a insulin roller-coaster again.

Here are other important reasons why to eat breakfast:

  1. Breakfast provides the energy for your body and brain in order to perform mental and physical activities. If you’re skipping on breakfast you will most probably feel tired, sluggish and de-concentrated.
  2. It kick-starts the metabolism, which promotes the fat burn and get rid of extra pounds.
  3. By eating breakfast you will lower your risk of getting diabetes or becoming insulin resistant.
  4. Eating healthy foods for breakfast helps you to stay away from overeating at later meals, and snacking on unhealthy junk foods.
  5. People who eat regular breakfast have lower rates of depression. Healthy breakfast improves mood levels and decreases irritability levels throughout the day.

Which are the foods that are the best for breakfast? Big YES to protein foods, healthy fats, vegetables low GI fruits and complex carbohydrates. But big NO no to all processed food such such as sugar, cakes, breakfast cereals, doughnuts, sausages, etc.

Gluten free breakfast

What foods to eat to become leaner, healthier and happier?

– protein (eggs, tofu, low fat natural yoghurt, cottage cheese, lean grass-feed meat, wild fish)

– complex carbohydrates (oats, quinoah, sweet potato)

– healthy fats (avocado, nuts, seeds, coconut butter, olives)

– vegetables (all types)

– fruits (berries all sorts, grapefruit, mango, plum, papaya, nectarines, apricots)


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