Group Pilates Classes

Group Pilates Classes

Pilates body technique is a dynamic type of Pilates. It was created by a Croatian Ana Marija Jagodic -Rukavina in Croatia. It is a unique blend of different exercising techniques such as Yoga, Pilates, water aerobics, gymnastics with a touch of a physiotherapy. Read about difference between Pilates and Pilates body technique here: Difference between Pilates and Pilates body technique

Expect controlled dynamic movements, starting with standing position, continuing with the exercises kneeling, side lying, prone, supine, etc. There will be exercises to improve your posture, core, flexibility, stability, coordination, concentration, stamina and body awareness.

Every group Pilates Classes are slightly different. You will use your own body weight and different Pilates props such as ankle/wrist weights, Pilates ring, balls different sizes, stability disc, poles, elastic-bends and others.

Benefits of Group Pilates Classes:

  • improved posture
  • better range of movement
  • improved flexibility and joint mobility
  • improved coordination
  • less back pain
  • better core strength
  • improved stamina and endurance
  • lowered stress levels
  • toned buttocks, thighs, arms and shoulder area
  • flatter stomach and a trimmer waist
  • fewer headaches (where they are posture-related)
  • more efficient respiratory, lymphatic and circulatory system
  • boosted immune system
  • increased bone density
  • greater body awareness
  • fewer injuries
  • improved performance

Pilates body technique is suitable for all people, from toddlers to elder population!

What do you need? You need comfortable sports gear and bottled water.

Karmen currently teaches group Pilates classes  at Urban Kings Gym in Kings Cross.


Monday 12.10pm – 12.55pm
Tuesday 6pm – 7pm
Thursday 7.15am – 8am
Thursday 1.10pm – 2pm
Sunday 9am – 10am


“Karmen’s Pilates classes work wonders for me and have given me a better outlook on the importance of fitness and health and how fun much exercise can be.” Anisah

“I attend Karmen’s classes with great joy – she is clear and the classes are never boring. I feel a lot of commitment and focus from Karmen when she leads a class – it makes me feel confident. She has often made time to answer my questions after class. I am happier and healthier now than I have ever been.” Peta, theatre practitioner

“I used to think that Pilates wasn’t a ‘proper’ work out but can attest to a wobble in my legs and pained expression on my face throughout Karmen’s sessions.  It is not only a fantastic addition to ‘conventional’ gym training but it now replaces at least one session a week.  It has strengthened previously weak areas and aided my recovery from injuries.  With Karmen’s attention to detail, motivational ability (always with a smile) and a seemingly unlimited knowledge of exercises suitable for all abilities she has taken Pilates to a new level.” Steve, media

“I have been going to Karmen’s class for almost a year and my body has changed so much! Karmen is a very welcoming, positive and inclusive teacher. Her concept of exercise is unique and her classes are never boring. I would recommend her class to everyone…London’s best kept secret!” Nikki, Pianist

“Being a personal trainer myself I constantly feel the need to better myself. This is why I attend classes held by Karmen. She is creative and always makes sure all areas of the body are worked hard. I thank her for my increase in fitness and major improvement on my Pilates technique.” Alex

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