Pilates Body Technique personal training


Whether you’re suffering from chronic lower back pain, neck pain, muscle stiffness, you want to improve your posture or just tired of traditional static Pilates, Pilates body Technique is perfect workout for you.

Pilates Body Technique is a dynamic type of Pilates. It was created by Croatian-born Ana Marija Jagodic-Rukavina. It is a unique blend of different exercise techniques including Yoga, Pilates, water aerobics and gymnastics with a touch of physiotherapy. Read about difference between Pilates and Pilates body technique here: Difference between Pilates and Pilates body technique

Pilates body technique training is great for people who:
– have postural in-corrections
– experience lower back and/or neck pain
– need to improve flexibility
– have past injuries
– have sports injuries
– prefer to work with a personal trainer

Through a postural, flexibility assessment and functional movement screening you will receive an individually-tailored program that takes into account lifestyle, past injuries, weaknesses and goals.

At the beginning of each personal training session you will warm up and prepare your body either on the bike, or walking on the tread-mill and at the same time performing exercises for the upper body. After the warm up you will perform exercises in different positions (standing, kneeling, side lying, prone, supine, etc.) using your own body weight and different Pilates props such as ankle or wrist weights, Pilates rings, balls of different sizes, stability discs, poles, Thera-bends and other tools. It all depends on your goals and needs.
There is also possibility of personal training on Pilates reformer, for more information follow this link: Reformer personal training

What do you need: trainers, comfortable sports gear and bottled water.


 “I have been regularly weight training for over 20 years and considered myself to be fit and strong. I began mixed martial arts training 2 years ago. Unfortunately, soon after I started picking up injuries on a regular basis, which meant I was not able to workout for several weeks at a time. During one of my recuperation phases I met Karmen who quickly identified my poor flexibility and weaknesses in my smaller muscles around the shoulder and back that made my body susceptible to injuries. Karmen has greatly helped improve my flexibility by 1000% and provided me with the necessary guidance in strengthening my shoulders and back muscles. Even though I no longer get injured anywhere near as much. I still ensure I train with Kamen at least once a week. I would recommend Karmen for her unique Pilates influenced training style that would challenge all fitness abilities whilst enabling you to correct all those poor posture habits that we picked over the years.” Sal, marketing

“Karmen is both a fantastic personal trainer and Pilates instructor, with a personable and accessible approach to fitness and nutrition. Karmen has received extensive training in a unique form of Pilates that focuses on correcting posture and strengthening core muscles – something that definitely enhances more traditional forms of PT such as weight training and conditioning. Fitness and nutrition plans are always well thought out and Karmen is a pleasure to wok with to achieve my goals.” Anthony, Digital Marketing and Communications Professional

“I have trained with Karmen in a number of group classes and one to one Pilates training sessions and have found her to be very personable and have noted a marked improvement in postural related problems, which i suffer from, since training with her and highly recommend her. By training with Karmen I have been able to enjoy other sporting pursuits to a higher degree due to improved strengthening.Ben, Data Manager

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