Posture correction training


Everybody has deficiencies in the posture but some people are more prone than others. People who spend long periods of time working in front of the computer are likely to suffer from problems related to their neck and shoulders. Athletes tend to have posture imbalances dependent on their chosen sport and the nature of that sport.

Posture correction training is a unique designed program. By analysing an individual’s strengths and weakness throughout the kinetic chain of the body, a specific and tailored program is built for each individual.

Training consist exercises that are functional for every individual (including movements through the 3 planes of movement) and specific to enhancing the weakness of the body.

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“When I started individual training sessions with Karmen my primary goals were to improve my spinal flexibility, learn how to more actively and consistently use my core and improve my posture. I have made significant improvements in all three areas. The gains I have made with regard to flexibility are the most remarkable. Karmen has worked hard to analyse my body’s imbalances and has introduced training sessions that gently strengthen my weakest areas and gradually seek to improve my overall flexibility. Karmen has an unparalleled understanding of the core principles of Pilates. Her Pilates-focused education and training have given her the ability to construct mat-based routines that work my entire body. I continue to train one-on-one with her twice a week, and her extensive knowledge and creativity have enabled her to create varied sessions that challenge me week-in, week-out. I highly recommend Karmen and her Pilates-based approach to training.” Elissa

“I began with private lessons at K Body Studio for about 3 months ago. I suffered from back pain since the University, and working in front of a computer screen 12h/d didn’t really help me to improve my situation. By now I have had more than 15 hours of personal training with the founder of the studio, Karmen Pi. I felt the difference already after my first class, and now I feel like a new person! I’ve improved my posture, reduced my muscle imbalances and I’m less stressed at work. I’d definitely recommend it to all with the same problems.” Gianpietro

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