Weight and fat loss training


Weight and fat loss training is based on a healthy, balanced way of eating and drinking in combination with an exercise regime. You will get a 3-day food diary template to fill out so Karmen can see your patterns of eating and areas of weakness. After that concrete dietary guidelines and motivation will be delivered in order to improve dietary intake to achieve goals such as reduction in weight, body fat percentage, improved energy levels, clearer skin, better digestion, and most importantly how to maintain this state.

Each session lasts an hour. The first session is devoted to assessing fitness level, body measurements, exercise and health history and goals. You will step on the scale, have your body fat tested and answer specific questions about your goals. After that, you’ll spend each session doing a short warm up on the bike or treadmill followed by mobility exercises. Main workout consists of weight training and high intensity anaerobic training.


“I quite literally found Karmen on Google so I didn’t have very high expectations but I did know that I needed someone to motivate me to get fit and tone up. After 10 sessions with Karmen my body shape has changed, my fitness levels have improved beyond recognition and I can even run, quite happily – something I have never been able to do. I have now signed up for another block of sessions and miraculously managed to make a fitness routine part of my life. Karmen has set me realistic goals which I have managed to achieve, advised me on my diet and generally bullied, lied and manipulated me [in the most positive way !] into being a healthier, fitter and much happier person.” Victor, Events Director

“Karmen has been very a very effective personal trainer, creative in designing a variety of exercises to ensure that the time is spent efficiently. She is good at motivating, personable but robust enough to keep us focused on the session.” Solomon, Director

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